Here’s my final for Vertebrate Illustration—a three-layer illustration of a cutting horse in action, and an informational poster about equine maneuverability in cattle cutting. The first piece, the whole horse with the cattle, is colored pencil on tinted illustration board; the skeleton, musculature, and hind leg diagram are all colored pencil on drafting film. For the full skeleton I painted the skeleton in on the wrong side of the film in white acrylic paint, so the pencil on the front would show up more strongly. Final poster in Photoshop.

So over the uni holidays I had my 2 weeks of sheep prac on a farm in Brookton WA. To say the experience was amazing is an understatement. The farmers we had were an amazing couple that made us feel welcome and apart of the family, with alot of laughter at the dinner table.

We participated in vaccinating, drenching, wool sampling, genetic testing (PS taking blood from a sheeps ear is not as easy as what everyone might think!), mustering sheep while working with the dogs and helping with 2 days full of shearing.

I learnt ALOT and have the bruises and scars to prove it.

Just before we left we went out and saw the day old lambs that had just dropped. An exciting time of the year! It was a sad morning leaving but I was lucky enough to not only be offered a job in the uni breaks with them but also have been asked back at the end of August for lamb marking. Bring on another week !!

"You think ‘Okay, I get it, I’m prepared for the worst’, but you hold out that small hope, see, and that’s what fucks you up. That’s what kills you."

Stephen King, “Joyland”  (via unconcernedteenblogger)

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"Being a Vet isn’t all kittens and puppies. It’s a lot of death, dying, and diarrhea."